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From Plastic Injection Molding to Investment Casting
Metal materials are usually manufactured with investment casting process to meet the requirements for precision and surface finish. Investment casting process is widely used in manufacturing various products, such as golf heads, artificial joints, and a variety of …
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Moldex3D through Linear Eyes
  One of the advantages Linear has found using Moldex3D is comparing conventional cooling to conformal cooling. By using Moldex3D, Linear can identify hot or cold spots in a tool before design has even been …

  Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding and Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Thermosetting plastics lose mobility at high temperature due to the cross-linking reactions which will form a 3D network between .…
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Moldex3D R12 New Features Webinar Series
May 2-May 9, 2013
MSC Software 2013 Users Conference
May 7-8, 2013
Unleash Optimal Plastic Designs in 60 Minutes
May 14 - Nov 5, 2013
Feiplastic 2013
May 20-24, 2013
May 20-23, 2013
2013 Molding Innovation Day in Portugal
May 23, 2013
ECTC 2013
May 28-31, 2013
3DEXPERIENCE Customer Forum Japan 2013
Jun 4-5, 2013
PTC Live Global 2013
Jun 9-12, 2013
(Germany) Hands-On Workshop “Injection molding simulation” at Altair Engineer
May 14, 2013
(Germany) Hands-On Workshop “Injection Molding Simulation”
May 28, 2013
Lunch n’ Learn with Moldex3D
Jun 20,2013
(Michigan) Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
Jun 24-25, 2013
Take Mesh Quality to the Next Level through Designer BLM
Tips and Tricks- How to Fix Common Surface Mesh Defects
Powder Injection Molding and Material Characteristics
From Plastics to Metals, Injection Molding Business Continues to Expand
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Moldex3D Core Shift with Two-way FSI
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