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Moldex3D R12 Arrives Just in Time. Are you Ready for What’s New?
Moldex3D R12 maximizes the success potential with new capabilities and features like faster model repair workflow, dynamic molding process supports, and continuous efforts on prediction and optimization enhancements…
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From Plastics to Metals, Injection Molding Business Continues to Expand
One of the major advantages of injection molding is the mass production capability of complex geometry parts. The manufacturing process is often incorporated with different plastic materials depending on various product designs…
  Boosting Aesthetic Product Appearance with Moldex3D
  With the help of Moldex3D eDesign simulation solution package, Long-so manufacturers are able to identify product shrinkage problem …

  Powder Injection Molding and Material Characteristics
Feedstock selection or preparation is the first critical consideration of powder injection molding.  To ensure the end product quality of .…
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2013 Moldex3D Innovation Talent Award (ASEAN)
Mar 01, 2013-Jun 30, 2013 / ASEAN
Unleash Optimal Plastic Designs in 60 Minutes
Mar 20, 2013
Moldex3D Molding Innovation Day
Apr 09, 2013 / France
Build High Aesthetic Parts through Multi-Component Molding
Apr 09, 2013
(Massachusetts) Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate in UMASS
Mar 12-13, 2013
Moldex3D “FEA Interface” Half Day Training
Mar 18, 2013
(Michigan) Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
Mar 25-26, 2013
Moldex3D R12 New Features Webinar Series
Apr 16, 2013-May 09, 2013
5 New Must-know Facts about Moldex3D R12- Part I
5 New Must-know Facts about Moldex3D R12 - Part II
High Accuracy Simulation Technology for Ultra-Precision Injection Molding
Investigating 3D IC Underfill Process Through Moldex3D Encapsulation
Heat and Cool Process Enhances Product Competitive Advantage
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