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Heat and Cool Process Enhances Product Competitive Advantage
As Ultrabooks continue to take the notebook design trend in “thin and light,” manufacturers are finding ways to keep up with the trend yet reduce production costs. Under such circumstances, the world leading component manufacturer MiTAC Precision Technology has replaced metal chassis.…
Go for Successful Molding
Extreme Tool & Engineering Selects Moldex3D eDesign for Optimal Designs
In 2007, Extreme Tool & Engineering invested in Moldex3D eDesign. Since, Extreme Tool has been focused on utilizing Moldex3D eDesign to develop a virtual molding process following similar principles to those taught by RJG Inc, the same principles that are then used to develop the real ...
Tips & Tricks
Variotherm Analysis Setting
To satisfy the needs of CAE analysis for variotherm molding process, Moldex3D provides comprehensive tools to simulate various rapid heating and cooling molding conditions, integrating fully transient true 3D numerical approach by considering the interplay...
Product Spotlight
What Can Viewer Do?
Moldex3D Viewer offers a free download. Users now can export various analysis results from Moldex3D Project as a compact RSV file, then importing it into Viewer. It is more convenient for cross-departmental discussion and collaboration. It also improves overall productivity ...
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Software Downloads
Moldex3D Viewer
eXplorer for Creo Parametric
eXplorer for SolidWorks
eXplorer for NX
eXplorer for Solid Edge
Conference Papers
The Effects of Various Variotherm Processes and Their Mechanisms on Injection Molding
An investigation on the temperature behavior in mold embedded with heater
Improve Cooling Effect of Injection Molding by Pulsed-Cooling Method
Integrated simulation of the Rapid Heat Cycle Molding process
Simulation and Verification Mold Temperature Variation of Pulsed-Cooling
Thermal Feature of Variotherm Mold in Injection Molding Processes
Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
Oct 22-23, 2012 / Northville, MI
Moldex3D “FEA Interface” Half Day Trainings 2012
Nov 13, 2012 / Northville, MI

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Oct 16-20, 2012
Booth: A5, A5-5003
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Oct 18, 2012
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