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Push Molding Going Green, Moldex3D Introduced Advanced Hot Runner Module

Runner system plays a very important role in injection molding process. The mission of runners is to deliver melt from injection nozzle to the cavities. A quality runner design is very helpful in improving product qualities.

Learn How to Save Computation Time with New Symmetry Feature
In Moldex3D R10, it is feasible to import a 1/2 or 1/4 model into Moldex3D Designer and use “Set configuration” for symmetry setting. Greatly enhanced in Moldex3D R11, the full model can be directly imported. Moldex3D Designer helps you find the best symmetry configuration step by step to save computation time with improved accuracy in a full 3D analysis.
YUDO’s Success in Integrating Moldex3D into Design Verification and Optimization of Hot Runner System Mold Development
“CAE is not new to YUDO. However, with the more and more challenging marketing and customer demands, technologies which can ensure the better quality, cost performance, time to market, and etc., are always what we would absolutely look for. We selected Moldex3D because it offers a better approach for more advanced and accurate engineering analysis technologies on the verification and optimization of hot runner system mold development, especially for true 3D analysis technology and private HPC cloud.” said Francis Yu, the chairman of YUDO.
Moldex3D Helps Ann Tong to Shorten Product Development Cycle and Improve Product Quality
While we are living at a time where every second counts, environmental protection has begun to raise our awareness. Hot runners thus become a “hot” subject in both injection molding industry and plastic mold industry. Hot runners can improve productivity, reduce wastes and increase the value of molds all at the same time. With the assistance of flow analysis tools, hot runners are now commonly adopted by mold industry. Here we will show you some applications of hot runners with Moldex3D software on plastic parts for 3C products, automobile accessories, and domestic appliances.
Moldex3D Advanced Molding Technology Workshops
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Mar 9, 2012 Moldex3D R11 French Technical Seminar
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