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Real-world molding analysis that make optimization easier than ever.

If you are frustrated with…

All sorts of molding defects (warpage, short shot, you name it)​

Ineffective mold trials​

Unstable product quality

Lengthy cycle time

Then Congrats, you are looking in the right direction!

Moldex3D got the whole package:

  • Powerful simulation abilities
  • Realistic injection molding analyses
  • Convenient result inspection and comparing functions
  • A variety of Pre/Post tools and customized report

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How Moldex3D can help?

Injection molding troubleshooting with accurate insights

Improved flow imbalance issue up to 99%!

Increase cooling efficiency with real life molding simulation

Increased cooling efficiency by 70%!

Optimize product and meet your customer standard

Remove molding defects without changing design!

What's in our free trial?

Detailed result interpretation that is easy to master


  • Predict melt front and flow pattern
  • Optimize gate size and locations
  • Diagnose common molding defects


  • Evaluate gate-freeze time
  • Avoid sink mark, or flash
  • Optimize packing profile


  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Predict hot spot
  • Reduce cycle time


  • Predict final part shape
  • Identify warpage causes
  • Calculate residual stress

3D Coolant CFD

  • Simulate coolant flow in 3D cooling channels

  • Visualize the streamline direction and predict dead spot

  • Optimize cooling system design and reduce cycle time

Fiber Simulation

  • Simulate fiber orientation, density, and breakage to predict warpage

  • Several filler types are available (fiber, flake, and powder)

  • Fiber result can be exported to FEA software to estimate anisotropic mechanical behavior

Compression Molding Simulation

  • Visualize pressure distribution, volume shrinkage, residual stress distribution, fiber orientation, etc.

  • Predict potential molding defects, such as flashing

AHR (Advanced Hot Runner)

  • Simulate heat affected zones to identify possible warpage

  • Predict non-uniform melt temperature, unbalanced filling, etc.

  • Validate mold plate and insulator designs

Great molding optimization starts here!

Easy and friendly interface.
Plenty of informative tutorials.
And a group of professionals ready to help.

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