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Facing the challenge of intelligent transformation, the key knowledge is necessary for the plastic industry. Moldex3D provides different kinds of online seminars, helping you to improve each key factor.


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Moldex3D is the leading brand of CAE mold flow software in the global plastic injection molding industry. With the most advanced real 3D simulation analysis technology, it helps users in various industries around the world to solve various plastic product design and manufacturing problems, shorten the time to market, and greatly improve Process economic benefits and product competitiveness, create a more perfect product life cycle management, improve production efficiency, and strive for the golden opportunity to enter the market.

Region Topic Date  
Americas Understanding Shear Stress & Shear Rate as a Simulation Output May. 25 Register Now
Vietnam Áp dụng bù ngót và cong vênh ngược trong Moldex3D Jun. 2 Register Now


Machine Characterization

Moldex3D machine characterization service plays an important role to achieve digital twin for smart manufacturing. The service will bridge the gap between simulation and production to allow the scenarios of simulation considering physical characteristics and dynamic responses of actual molding machine. Through this solution, optimized process conditions generated by Moldex3D simulation will be able directly applied on shop floor to dramatically reduce the time and cost of actual mold tryout. Read More >>

Region Topic Date  
India Machine Digital Twin – Machine Characterization Analysis and Case Study Jun. 2 Register Now



Material Characterization

There are many types of plastics. Due to the variety of product functions and process requirements, the characteristics of each type of plastic are unique and different. Plastics undergo complicated processes such as heating and melting, deformation, compression, and solidification during the molding process. The accuracy of the material model and its parameters directly affects the accuracy of the molding simulation. Therefore, understanding the variability of plastic characteristics during the molding process is the key to a successful molding simulation. It is also an important tool for improving molding technology and product quality. Read More >>

Region Topic Date  
Thailand การใช้ประโยชน์จาก Moldex3D Material Lab: การรับข้อมูลเชิงลึกเกี่ยวกับคุณสมบัติของวัสดุของกล่องดำ  May 25  Register Now
Vietnam Lợi ích từ Phòng thí nghiệm vật liệu Moldex3D: Đạt được những hiểu biết sâu sắc về Hộp đen của các thuộc tính vật liệu May. 19 Closed



Material Hub Cloud

Material Hub Cloud (MHC) is a cloud database powered by Moldex3D’s Material Measurement Center and suppliers with high quality material data. In the easy-to-use interface, you can quickly sort through over 8,c82b07 materials to find your best option. Read More >>

Region Topic Date  
Vietnam Giới thiệu về Đám mây Trung tâm Vật liệu Material Hub Cloud (MHC) và Lựa chọn vật liệu thông minh Jun. 16 Register Now




Moldex3D iSLM (intelligent Simulation Lifecycle Management) is an intelligent and interactive data management platform designed specifically for plastic engineering companies. It records and visualizes every phase of the mold development data online. With iSLM, workflow information can be shared across departments to reduce communication gap and improve teamwork efficiency. Read More >>

Region Topic Date  
Americas Machine Mode: Translating Real-World Processing Conditions Jun. 8 Register Now


Moldex3D Plastics E-learning (MPE)

Injection molding is a profound topic that can take years to master. That is why we launched Moldex3D Plastics E-learning (MPE) for newcomers like you. MPE is a digital learning platform that helps you being stronger in the injection molding industry. You can learn all necessary knowledge from our Moldex3D experts about what they do and don’t in real cases. The shortest path for you to become a professional! Read More >>

Region Topic Date  


IC Packaging

IC packaging is a process of packaging with epoxy resin materials (Epoxy Molding Compound, EMC) to protect precision electronic chips from physical damage or corrosion. Since microchip packaging contains many complex components, many process challenges and uncertainties arise in the chip packaging process. The comprehensive analysis project supported by Moldex3D chip packaging service can predict and solve major molding problems through accurate simulation, which will help improve product quality and effectively prevent potential defects. Reduce manufacturing costs and cycle times. Read More >>

Region Topic Date  
Online IC Packaging: Advanced Materials & Design Optimization  Jun. 7 Register Now
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Composite Material

With the advancement of injection molding technology and the diversification of demand for products, traditional injection molding has been unable to meet the needs of all processes, but the design and manufacture of most composite products still rely on the manufacturer’s experience or a lot of trial and error, resulting in The consumption of time and cost is huge. How to correctly find the production parameters of composite materials has become an urgent need of major industries. Moldex3D provides the most accurate composite material simulation analysis service to help customers find the most suitable parameters. Whether it is in the development of new products or the introduction of process technology, they can be evaluated in advance to maximize benefits.

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