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Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning

Learn Plastic Injection Molding in the Smartest and the Most Efficient Way


Learning Difficulties in Traditional Way

What is undercut? Draft angle? Parting line? Welding line? Slider? When engineering background graduates walk into the plastic injection or mold factory and find they barely understand those technical terms, yet even with experienced masters in factories cannot explain them theoretically and clearly.

Actually, the technics of plastic mold design are accumulated by experiences. Learners often need to take on-site training class or self-learning to become industrial experts. However, the expense of on-site class is high and the hours are limited. If learners learn on their own by collecting, analyzing and distillate information, they have spent some amount of time and efforts to get the hang of it because of complex information. The long exploration period challenges learners’ ability and patience as well.


Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning –
Overcome the obstacle to Experience Transmission; Cultivate Experts in the Industry

Understanding the learning difficulties, Moldex3D hopes to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to push the plastic injection education in a brand-new concept. The consulting experts in the industry and professors are invited to co-edit the Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning, the materials of which are taken from the industry. It contains the necessary knowledge for professional experts in this field. The courses perform in an innovative type. 3D multi-media videos, simulation images in Omni-directional view perspectives and interactive contents bring you vicarious learning experiences and also effective learning.

The Features and Benefits of E-Learning


Real Appearance and Practical Contents

  • Focus on understanding and application to physical cases with theories. It strengthens learners’ capabilities of critical thinking and complex problem solving.

  • Simulate the physical injection machine and its interface. Learners can enter the setting values to simulate the injection behavior.

Real-time Interaction and Learning Personalization

  • Create the multivariate scenarios between teaching and learning by the two-way interactive response system.

  • Effectively leverage the learning time and space based on learners’ working situation.

A Smart Investment with Great Effects and a Low Price

  • Easier access for learners. Only require a computer or Apple iPad to take courses. The most economical training course as fixed assets. The learning scale and effects can be enlarged by frequent use. It greatly decreases annual training costs.
  • Reusable. Re-training helps learners improve and achieve satisfying effects.

Contents of E-Learning

The consulting experts in the industry and professors are invited to co-edit the Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning, The original and interactive Plastic Injection Molding courses guide users to learn from basics to professional technics for being experts, greatly improving the knowledge and skills. Four topics of the E-Learning are as following:

Course Topics Learning Goals Contents
The Introduction to Hot Runners

It illustrates the basic theory, benefits and advantages of hot runner by case studies.

22 chapters in 2 sections:
1. Introduction to the theory of hot runner molding.
2. Introduction to the structure of hot runner and case studies.

The Operations of Molding Machines To understand the settings and structure of the molding machine by operating the interactive virtual molding machine. 1. Basic knowledge of Injection.
2. Introduction to the process of tooling.
3. The setting of primary parameters.
4. To operate the virtual injection molding machine. The introduction to the structure of system.
Development of Molding Injection It delivers the basics of injection molding and the process of development in 7 chapters. To learn how to design products and how to improve the quality for the mass production.

1. Introduction to the process of product development.
2. The basics of molding materials.
3. The application to the molding machine.
4. Product molding and common problem solving.

The Structure of Molds and Case Study Case studies for product design, mold design, parameter adjustment, and the valuation and planning of materials. 1. To learn the concept of the process from design to production by case studies.
2. To verify the theory analysis by the application.


Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English

Target Learners

New entrants in plastic injection industry, educational institutes, personal learning

System Requirements



Windows 10, 8, 7, Server 2012, 2008, HPC Server 2008



Intel® Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and at least 5 GB free space

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