on 08/27/2019

On-demand Webinar: Moldex3D Plastics Molding Simulation Tips and Tricks – Part 1: Pre-Processing

Pre-processing in Moldex3D includes Modeling, Mesh Preparation, Material Selection and Process Specification. The goal of plastics molding simulation is to replicate or predict what would be seen in a real molding scenario, and ensuring that the inputs to the simulation match the conditions set in reality allows for greater simulation accuracy; this philosophy is commonly referred to as garbage-in-garbage-out. This session will be instructed by an expert of Moldex3D to provide advice and some clever tricks to make Pre-processing in Moldex3D as smooth and efficient as possible.

Webinar Highlights

  • Use Moldex3D Pre-Processing more efficiently
  • Apply Garbage-In-Garbage-Out philosophy
  • Learn about best practices for Moldex3D Pre-Processing
  • Gain a strategic approach for improving the quality of mesh, while reducing setup and simulation time
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