on 07/08/2020

On-demand Webinar: How to Deal with Short Shot, Hesitation & Stress Mark in Injection Molding by Using Moldex3D


Short shot occurs when the flow freezes off before the mold cavity have been completely filled and results into incomplete part. Several causes become the suspect of short shot, such as flow restriction, inadequate venting, complex flow paths, low melt and/or mold temperature, and hesitation also could lead to short shot.

Hesitation in injection molding is a defect happened due to the melt flow slows down significantly, which often occurs in ribs and thin sections of the part that have big difference wall thickness. When the part thickness varies, stress mark could also appear due to uneven cooling speed between thin area and other thicker area. Both hesitation and stress mark can reduce part quality due to variations in surface appearance.

Moldex3D not only helps in predicting the defects location, but also allows engineers to analyze, find the root cause, and do trial-and-error without worrying the uncertain increasing cost. Learn how Moldex3D could solve short shot, hesitation, & stress mark in the real case!

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